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Kapil’s Story: The Great "Ferragamo"

Kapil’s Story:  The Great "Ferragamo"

One day as I came back extremely tired back home, 
after finishing dinner, I start surfing TV channel, got a movie midway,
therefore saw an incomplete movie in which
a young boy "Ferragamo" struggled a lot to make a mark in this grilling world with his unique artistry & designs.
The end of the movie was very moving in which he aged to become an extremely successful designer in the fashion world with huge fame, wealth was under his feet, a line of celebrities were amazed with the use of his creations, but was Very lonely inside, as his "creations" be it a dress or belt or purse or bag or Spectacle Frames or pen, always complaint back to him that they (the creations) never gets the deserving Connoisseur of the creations.
He ask one of his creation "The Pen" about the grievance, The Pen replied

Dear Ferragamo, you always design each of your creations including me with lot of pain & with the best raw materials procured from far flung regions, but people hardly take the real use of the creations,  instead just use to see the enviousness  in other eyes,

In my case people’s puts me in front pocket of their coat just to show "The Flower" of my pen-top in the parties but hardly use me for writing anything, they use other not so expensive pen to write beautiful love letters. & also they just talk about your name in appreciation, nobody talks about my writing capabilities.
The Great "Ferragamo" replied with great love & passion to his creation "The Pen"
oh my dear Pen, you need to be optimistic, you will get a true writer one day,  who will give you true credit for writing pleasure, when the Connoisseur gets the love feeling in his beloved eyes after reading the love letters written with your nib & ink, 
The day is not far away, please have  patience, as I have  just got back a complement from one of your sibling "The hand bag" specially made for a woman, got a Connoisseur in India named "Priya".
"The hand bag" just yesterday specially phoned me just to tell me about the possessor Ms "Priya", who is so beautiful, graceful that whenever she touches the bag with her soft hands, each time a new sheen, a new shine, emerges all over. I am pretty sure that the softness of her fragranced hands are exclusive to Mr. Pawan, Yatharth & me only. 
Further stated, 
Oh my creator "Ferragamo" when Priya smiles, flowers blooms. 
When she angry the summer starts, 
When she happy the rains starts, 
She has friendship with sparrows, butterflies the Ultimate celebrities of divine nature. 
I am blessed, 
I am blessed, 
I am blessed 
Dear "Ferragamo" I don't have further desire for rebirth as my I found my final & ultimate admirer as Ms. "Priya".
हज़ारो साल नर्गिस अपनी बेनूरी पे रोती है
बड़ी मुश्क़िल से होता है चमन मे दीदावर पैदा...
हज़ारो : thousands
साल : year
नर्गिस : a beautiful White flower
बेनूरी : without a true admirer
बड़ी मुश्क़िल से होता है : with great difficulty 
चमन : ( sort of garden) 
दीदावर : Connoisseur, admirer 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Parveen Shakir's "Chalne ka Hausla nahi" : Translated by Kapil Jain with the help of Rekhta link

Parveen Shakir's "Chalne ka Hausla nahi" : Translated by Kapil Jain with the help of Rekhta link

चलने का हौसला नहीं , रुकना मुहाल कर दिया
इश्क़ के इस सफ़र ने तो , मुझको निढ़ाल कर दिया

ऐ मेरी गुल-ज़मीन तुझे , चाह थी इक किताब की
ऐहले-क़िताब ने मगर क्या तेरा हाल कर दिया

मिलते हुऐ दिलो के बीच , और था फ़ैसला कोई
उसने मगर बिछड़ते वक़्त और सवाल कर दिया

अब के हवा के साथ है दामन-ऐ-यार मुन्तज़िर
बनो-ऐ-शब् के हाथ मे रखना संभाल कर दिया

मुमकिना फ़ैसलों मे एक , हिज़्र का फ़ैसला भी था
हमने तो एक बात की, उसने कमाल कर दिया

मेरे लबों पे मोहर थी पर मेरे शीशा-रु ने तो
शहर के शहर को मेरा वाकिफ़-ऐ-हाल कर दिया

चेहरा-ओ-नाम एक साथ आज ना याद आ सके
वक़्त ने किस शबीह को ख्वाबो-ओ-ख्याल कर दिया

मुद्दतों बाद उसने आज मुझसे कोई गिला किया
मनसब-ऐ-दिलबरी पे क्या मुझको बहाल कर दिया

चलने का हौसला नहीं , रुकना मुहाल कर दिया
इश्क़ के इस सफ़र ने तो , मुझको निढ़ाल कर दिया

ऐ मेरी गुल-ज़मीन तुझे , चाह थी इक किताब की
ऐहले-क़िताब ने मगर क्या तेरा हाल कर दिया

1. गुल-ज़मीन : flowers spreaded land, fertile land , ( here ref. to creativity) ,
2. चाह थी इक किताब ( something new)
3. ऐहले-क़िताब (People following a book)(all hardcore religion people who interpreted in waisted interst)

मिलते हुऐ दिलो के बीच , और था फ़ैसला कोई
उसने मगर बिछड़ते वक़्त और सवाल कर दिया

अब के हवा के साथ है दामन-ऐ-यार मुन्तज़िर
बनो-ऐ-शब् के हाथ मे रखना संभाल कर दिया

4. दामन-ऐ-यार : Hem of Beloved
5. मुन्तज़िर : expectant, one who waits
6. बनो-ऐ-शब् : Shoulder of Night

मुमकिन-ओ-फ़ैसलों मे एक , हिज़्र का फ़ैसला भी था
हमने तो एक बात की, उसने कमाल कर दिया

7. हिज़्र : Separation
(a simple desire for new creativity , Resisted by fundamental value leads to the ultimate Separation)

मेरे लबों पे मोहर थी पर मेरे शीशा-रु ने तो
शहर के शहर को मेरा वाकिफ़-ऐ-हाल कर दिया

8. शीशा-रु : like glass
9. वाकिफ़-ऐ-हाल : connoisseur
my lips were sealed but my expressions were total transparent to every connoisseur of the town

चेहरा-ओ-नाम एक साथ आज ना याद आ सके
वक़्त ने किस शबीह को ख्वाबो-ओ-ख्याल कर दिया

10. शबीह : resemblance , image , picture

could not recollect face & name simultaneously , time in separation faded memory of beloved.

मुद्दतों बाद उसने आज मुझसे कोई गिला किया
मनसब-ऐ-दिलबरी पे क्या मुझको बहाल कर दिया

11. मनसब-ऐ-दिलबरी : Stage of Loving

after a long time ,beloved blamed , this gesture at this stage of loving has restored my faith????

Translated by Kapil Jain with the help of Rekhta link

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kapil Jain: Story: Mr. Meetha Seth's quench

Kapil Jain: Story: Mr. Meetha Seth's quench

This is a real life story, name, place & situation modified to protect identity.
We were the manufacturer of electronic goods and used to sell our products to our dealers for further retail sales.

One such dealer was Mr. Meetha Seth at his shop in the Chandni Chowk area, Delhi in Indian Capital.

The Chandni Chowk area is a commercial & cultural hub since Mughal era, circa 1600 AD having huge wholesale & retail markets of Clothes, Jewellery, watches, electronic, pharmaceutical,  chemical, spices, etc. etc.,  You name it, Chandni Chowk have it.

Mr. Meetha Seth's shop is one of the oldest & most reputed amongst electronic goods selling Radios, Transistor, record player etc. With a sizable cash sale per day and a very good turnover.

In Hindi language "Meetha" means Sweet & "Seth" means Rich Man, 
Mr. Meetha Seth means sweet & rich man, exactly true to his name, Mr. Meetha Seth was a Shop Owner, class apart, if any customer was not convinced by any of his subordinate salesmen for any products, he always jumped in to the direct negotiations with the customers edging his salesmen behind, and in the end Customers were completely webbed within Meetha Seth's sweet style & salesmanship. That's why his shops sales were always very high. But he never bluffed his customers, his Motto of shop keeping was always "Value for money”, that's why, once a customer, always a customer, furthermore a satisfied customer always bring his neighbor to purchase the goods from his shop. 
He was a hard core shopkeeper, loves shop keeping, and hates spending time at home even on Sundays and holidays.

Apart of all this Meetha Seth has certain typical personal characteristic like his extreme fondness towards Street food all day & whisky in the evenings.

As any Delhi-ite can tell you that superb & ultimate Street food of all variety is synonymous with Chandni Chowk, from Dawn to Dusk, 
From Spicy to juicy to sweet to sour, 
from hot to super-hot to cold to freeze, 
Food paradise per se. On carts or on specialist shops, scores of availability are there since ages, some speciality are hundred years old, generation after generations, believe me.

Any cart of food special, passes by Meetha Seth's shop, he has to have it, 
& in the evening before closing time, his subordinate salesmen know a daily routine to purchase a bottle of whisky.

Around closing time of shop, he used to have a peg of whisky with any of food special before slipping into car back seat for home return, in between the journey to home, another peg, as his chauffeur has already prepared everything for his boss Meetha Seth.

After all this going on, would have chronic effect, so did to Meetha Seth, 
One day, he had extreme pain & an attack at home, His wife Mrs. Jaya Kiran took him to hospital, where Doctors rings the ultimatum bell about his heart & health, and he was extremely obese & just escaped a heart attack which could result in his life, told him to reduce weight, all oily food, all whisky etc. etc., the endless list for health recovery.

Meetha Seth's family, specially his wife Jaya Kiran was completely shocked & shaken by this, requested Meetha Seth to leave this bad habits for health recovery.
Meetha Seth was also completely aware of the grim situation decided to call a quit. He starts observing restraints. Days passes, again started a small portion of street food, then a small peg, further you can assess.

Mrs. Jaya Kiran was extremely learned & strong lady knows the consequences of the continuation of these bad habits, used to enquire about the daily routine from an old trust wordy salesman named "Bahadur", he used to tell her the truth, which leave no other alternative to take all financial & administrative control herself.
Meetha Seth gives up all this as aware about his fragile health & weak will power as in case of food and whisky as well as the strong nature of his wife, start giving all cash received from daily sales to wife, who further makes payment to material suppliers of the shop.

The sole purpose of this arrangement was that Meetha Seth should not have any cash in the Shop, henceforth the restrictions on his Street food & whisky spending could be curtailed, Seems very odd & not workable solution, but idea devised by Shop Lady, what anybody can do anything including Meetha Seth.

She further deputed Salesman Bahadur to have an eye on Meetha Seth.
Meetha Seth has to live life on simply boiled home cooked food, which start giving positive results in couple of months.

Three things were happening simultaneously, first recovery of health, secondly all losing control of administration & finance, thirdly very strict vigil on him by Salesman Bahadur, reporting to her about smallest details, making Meetha Seth extremely restless inside, or Restlessness is the result of non-availability of Street food & whisky, very difficult to say?

This was the time around 1984 after the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi & aftermath tense atmosphere afterwards. Different political parties were cooking their strategy on already charged & hot political scene, often call for "Bandh" means General Strike for one pretext or other to sustain their vested interest.

In the beginning General Strikes, the law & order situation was such that for security reasons, all shops were closed, but when this general strike call were quite frequent, peoples were fed up with this, a few start opening the shops with half Shutter open as a matter of caution. But customers’ foot falls were negligible. In Nut Shell, this was like a destroyed day.

On this kind of one day, 
Meetha Seth has opened his shop with half Shutter down with only two junior salesmen one named Kaliyah other named Tilak ( Bahadur was absent) , with a very few half open shops, otherwise Completely empty market, according to him, killing time at shop is better killing time at home.

Till evening, not a single rupee sale was conducted as no customer visited even to ask anything.

At evening,  A "Sadhu" ( A holy man  who lives begging)  glared inside half open Shutter, ask can I purchase a Radio, Meetha Seth over willingly asked him to come inside, Asked him about which Quality Radio he wants, he replied vaguely a big 40 watts Radios, A Salesman shows up a Radio costing Rs.700.00 
Then "Sadhu" pulled a red coloured pouch from his attire, which was full of pennies etc., collected by begging, The estimated value of all pennies etc., were not more than Rupee 300.00 – 400.00, Much less than Radio's cost. Said this is all he has to offer.

Meetha Seth refused to sell Radio as money was very less than cost.
"Sadhu"  collected pennies in red pouch & was about to leave shop, just below half down Shutter,
Meetha Seth Called him back with a loud voice : OK come back & take Radio, give whatever you have in Red Pouch.
Sadhu offloaded all pennies again on Counter, take Radio & left the Shop.

Meetha Seth ask one of the junior Salesman "Kaliyah”: collect all the coins, quickly bring a bottle of whisky and one plate of Potato Hash Brown Ticky.

The end....
Kapil Jain: Story: Mr. Meetha Seth's quench 

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Shri Anirudh Agarwal : A Captive Audience, Léon Girardet, French 1856 - 1895

हुस्न  का   साथ   है,
झील का  किनारा  है ।

सवार हैं  किश्ती   में ,
खूबसूरत  नजारा  है ।

श्रोता  मन्त्र-मुग्ध  हैं ,
जैसे दिलकश मुशायरा है ।

Shri Anirudh Agarwal "Forget Me Not" By Arthur Hughes, English, 1832 - 1915

Send by Shri Anirudh Agarwal Sahib Ji,

Dear Kapil ji
Dedicated to
' Forget me not '.

उन प्यार भरे लम्हों की
तरंग अभी  शेष  है ।

उन गुप्त मुलाकातों की
उमंग  अभी  शेष  है ।

अपने स्मृति- पटल  से
भुलाना   ना    प्रियवर

तुम्हारे स्नेह और प्रेम की
ऊष्मा  अभी    शेष  है ।

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Unknown poet

अच्छा ख़ासा बैठे बैठे ग़ुम हो जाया करता हूँ,
अब मैं अक्सर मैं नहीं रहता तुम हो जाया करता हूँ..

Achcha khasa baithe baithe gum ho jaya karta hoon ,
Ab main aksar main nahi rehta tum ho jaya karta hoon !!

By unknown poet

Crow feeder by Kapil Jain

Story :
Crow feeder by Kapil Jain

Before coming to Noida,  We used to live in Karol Bagh Delhi, therefore for Morning walk, the best available park was Budha Garden , which is one of the largest park in whole Delhi region,

The location of Budha Garden is such that, one need to have a vehicle to reach their, therefore only a very small number of people go there by walking.

This episode was a result of continuous observations for a long time,

We ( me & my wife) used to observe that sometime a sudden panic / excitement amongst the birds movements & their noise. The exact reason was unknown as distance between us & epicentre were generally large & variable.

One day on arrival of a particular Fiat Car in parking lot,  the same exciting birds all around specially Crow in huge numbers.

We found a Gentleman coming out from car, opened dicky, picked two full buckets of some bird food items, start walking to a spot about 100 meters away.

By this development, all the strings broke loose,  the whole sky was busting with crows, hundreds of them.
Flying very low making noise, touching the Head shoulder of the gentleman,  but Gentleman was totally unnerved, completely normal without any disturbance.

He spreaded the both buckets on a platform. Then all crows from sky, start picking the beeds from platform.

We both were quiet thrilled to see the whole episode.

Next day we decide to talk to the gentleman, we waited for him in the parking lot, same earlier day's episode repeated, after all this,

We asked him, Sir you are doing very noble service for the birds.

He replied to us,  No sir,  these birds are doing noble service on me.

We strangely asked him, the meaning of noble service by birds,  he said,  I had a very chronic pain in the legs & was almost bed ridden,  Doctors advice was to have morning walk without fail. I was very depressed by the pain & fragile health,  had no desire to live.

By just coincident, one day I brought some food items for birds,
These little creature like them very much, next day I found waiting for me in search of food,
This may be my over-impression that they are waiting for me,
But this intense feeling has sufficient enough to bring my self to park just to meet birds & feed them,

This whole process has bring back my legs strength & my self confidence. That is why my have almost get rid of my chronic illness.

The end.

Ujaalon ki jaanib se paigam aaya hai

उजालों की ज़ानिब से पैग़ाम आया हैं,
बड़ी आज़माईश के बाद मेरे नाम आया हैं..

आग़ाज़ से रूबरू हुए तोह मुददत हो गयी,
कई मरहलों के बाद अब अंजाम आया है..

कही अनकही सब समझनें लगे है वोह ,
अब जाके इश्क़ मे येह मुक़ाम आया है..

ऐ वक़्त मेरे हाथों मे इक और लकीर खींच ,
वो मेरी ज़ीस्त मे दबे पाँव आया है....
                        ी चोपड़ा

Ujaalon ki jaanib se paigam aaya hai ,
Bari aajmaaish ke baad mere naam aaya hai !!

Aagaz se roobroo hue toh muddat ho gayi,
Kai marhalon ke baad ab anjaam aaya hai !!

Kahi unkahi Sab samajhne lagey hai woh,
Ab jaake ishq main yeah muqaam aaya hai !!

Ai waqt mere hathon main ik aur lakeer kheench,
Who meri jeest main dabey paon aaya hai !!!
                     .....Bharti Chopra


वफ़ा के तक़ाज़े हम तो निभा लेंगे मगर,
तुम्हें इक नयी कशमकश मे देखा ना जायेगा..


Masnui mussarraton se hai kaise mutmaeen ,
Logon ka mayyar-e-zeest kidhar gaya !!

मसनुइ मुस्सरत से है कैसे मुतमईन ,
लोगों का माय्यार-ऐ-ज़ीस्त किधर गया....ी चोपड़ा

मसनुइ : artificial
मुस्सरत : happiness
मुतमईन : satisfied
माय्यार : standard
-ऐ- : conjunction
ज़ीस्त : life


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

hamse kahe kuch dost hamare

हमसे कहे कुछ दोस्त हमारे , मत लिखो,
जान अगर प्यारी है प्यारे, मत लिखो

हाकिम की तलवार मुकदस् होती है
हाकिम की तलवार के बारे , मत लिखो ,

बस वो लिखो जो अमीरे - शहर कहे ,
जो कहते है दर्द के मारे , मत लिखो ,

खुद मुन्सिफ़ पाबस्ता है लब-बस्ता है
कौन कहा अब अर्ज़ गुजरे, मत लिखों,

दिल कहता है , खुल कर सच्ची बात लिखो ,
और लफ्ज़ों के बीच सितारे , मत लिखो,

हमसे कहे कुछ दोस्त हमारे , मत लिखो,
जान अगर प्यारी है प्यारे, मत लिखो.....

                           ........अहमद फ़राज़