Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kapil's Understanding : Rehat : Traditional Water Irrigation : Relation with Life

Kapil's Understanding :  Rehat :

Traditional Water Irrigation : Relation with Life 

This is the very short story, 
Which my mother used to quote for the handling of difficulties of Life.

There was a Royal Prince,  some where is Ancient Indian Princely State. 
One day,  he went for a hunting expedition riding on a horse,
along with his fellow Royals along with the Group of servants etc.

The Jungle was extremely thick with greenery in abundance.
He was chasing a deer very vigorously.
The deer was on its own turf ,
was so quick in its maneuvers that even after a great chase,
The Prince was unable to catch deer.

Deer was small in size,  ducks between the bushes ,
Where Prince and his horse were unable to get in.
Prince knew that all his Royal buddies and servants would laugh at him,
If he was ditched by this quick deer.
He do not want to give this chance to anyone.
Hence the chase between them becomes so long that
The Prince lost all his fellows, it literally stretched to several hours.

Up till now,  He and his horse become extremely tired, hungry, thirsty and exhausted,
by this time they were on the other edge of the jungle and on the verge of a small village.

He saw there was a old man doing farming
and one water well on which bulls were moving a "Rehat" wheel
through which water was coming up from the well for the irritation in the farm .

The old man immediately recognised the Prince,  due to his attire and mannerism.
The Prince was so thirty that he immediately asked the old man for water to drink.
The old man greeted the Prince,  and  said that as no utensil is there and his house was also on no so long distance,  hence better to go to his home and take meal and rest.
Again Prince said that he can not wait a second for water.  Then old man said ok then come down from the horse,  make a cup shape by joining both palms and drink water directly from Rehat.
Prince was after all a Prince,  never had any training to drink with bare hands.
Rehat was such a machine in which a peculiar sound Cutt Cutt Cutt Cutt  comes from chain of buckets,  very annoying sometimes.
Now Prince had no other option to quench his thirst as suggested by old man.
But as he come down to drink,  noise and vibrations of Rehat was so disturbing that he could not able to drink the water.
He asked old man to stop bulls rotating Rehat ,  so that noise stop and he would able to  drink.
The old man said "Oh the Prince"  if I stop the bulls,  Rehat Stop,  Noise Stop but Water also Stops.
The Prince was wise enough,
He quenched the thirst,  even with the annoying noise Cutt Cutt Cutt Cutt.
Moral : One need to compromise with certain things,  beyond your control, 
This is called life.

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