Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Experience with Truth 2 : Iron Hand.

My Experience with Truth 2 : Iron Hand.

One proverb in Hindi said that if one lie you state thousands time then it becomes true...

The contrast is that if you come across a incident which becomes disbelieving even to the most important persons of your life than that incident become one  accident of your life.

Accident in the sense that a new undesirable dimension added in the said relationship. Furthermore this churching of thoughts gives you,  the good and bad aspects of this experience.

Good aspect : at once, it was not  realised that some thing extra special has happened with you,  but when people  disbelief you,  not one not two but scores of,  and you know that Truth is on your side then, You feel extra ordinary by this blessings of god that you get such chance of once in a lifetime achievement which only a few in the world has ever been able to achieve.

Bad Aspect : here comes the complex character of human nature,  you even think that these people never get this chance,  forget this chance,  not even ten percent of this kind of opportunity,  that is why? they are at no fault to think about me as a hypocrite.

Suddenly you come to realize that this is totally wrong thinking for the people,  who loves you the most.

Truth Prevailing is that you have no creditability of your own,  why you are blaming other.

Enjoy your this bloody blessing of god yourself only in a silent four boundary with one roof with a door and window.

Truth what Truth?

On Jan 26,  1995  Nelson Mandela then President of South Africa was the chief guest in Indian Republic Day Parade.  Me and my wife had the invitation from President of India to have "At Home"  tea at Rashpati Bhawan Mughal Gardens on the Republic Day evening.

This "At home" tea invite  arranged by my late Father in Law Shri Mahavir Barjatya was fifth since July 8,  1992 my marriage date alternatively to Aug 15 then Jan 26 vis-a-vis. Total seven invites,  we have enjoyed.

By all this a hand shake with President(s)  ,  Prime Minister (s),  minister,  who is who of India power circle.

In today's context Dr.  Man Mohan Singh hand Shake is a ego booster,  which I have.

In personal satisfaction to have a hand shake with Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw.

But Jan 26,  1995 was so special that one hour tea party was highly noisy as compared to the other President House Parties because only one rope was saprating the Mahatma of our times with us,  all invitees were dignitaries,  but every one has a oscillating heart inside,  want to have a touch of this Masiha called Mandela.

Mandela was also the people heart emporor first president later was touching peoples with both raised hand across the rope while walking. His seven feet bodyguards were on their toes.

He complete grip my all four front finger by his hand ,  what was that touch? A iron touch,  no human touch,  a clamping  tool gently grips my fingers.  He was just 24 inch away from us,  only a bodyguard hand on his chest to put him on bay,  not to us.

Moved to next person,  all happened in 7, 8,  9,  10 sec or so,  today after 18 years,  when Nelson Mandela is again a prisoner of Life Support False Machines.

That less then 10 seconds give me a raised heart beat.

I am a fortunate person.
God has blessed me.

May God also bless them, who disbelief me. 
But where is Nelson Mandela.

I will tell you this story 1000 more time,  till my this lie becomes truth for you for my sake. 

Celebrate Nelson Mandela Death,  As this life span has given so much to the world.

In Jain philosophy, A Death after complete life should be celebrated.

Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela.

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