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Kapil's Story : The True Sultan

Story : The True Sultan

It was 20-25 years ago, one fine evening, as we were in our teens, along with some school friends, went to Nirula's in Connaught Place to enjoy
Ice-cream with soda......

On that evening, a very small but very interesting incident happened,
Which I want to share with you....

As we have start enjoying ice-creams outside the parlour, which is on the corner of a very busy intersection, a lot of boys & girls were also hanging around....

Suddenly a red very beautiful big car, all windows down with very powerful music system playing a very fast western music English song come there....

Inside the car, on driving seat there was a smart boy with his very sweet & charming girlfriend.

His car's woofers speakers were so loud & powerful, that every body in the crowd was feeling the punch of the beat near their heart “Dhuk - Dhuk, Dhuk - Dhuk “.

They both come out from the car with music still on. His total show was to impress his girlfriend, in which he was very successful prima facie.

His girlfriend was really a charming diva with her smile, giggles, style giving continue heart pulse a miss to all other boys present there.
Her hair fall was coming down touching the dimpled cheeks.
A really bubbly personality therefore I assuming a name "Bubbles”,
In her admiration my heart was racing like engine whose accelerator wire struck well pressed.

The boy's body-language was so confident that he was not less then any Alexander in this world, as if he was having everything a “Sultan” can possess. This body-language was right resultant as he was getting continuous envious attention from the crowd.

Suddenly, a shoe-shine boy start dancing on the music, leaving half shine shoe pair with stranded shoe owner standing on a mat waiting for his shoes.

The shoe-shine boy was there to earn his livelihood by shoe-shining. He was not more then 12-13 years with torn cloths, bare footed; I assume his daily income was insufficient to provide him two meals a day.

He was dancing & dancing & dancing like a Olympics sprinter , total flawless , highest energy level , no care for who is watching him , no care what anybody thinks about him , what a masti , his nose was flowing with cold , he even cleaned his nose with his torn shirt sleeve as if , it is one of the pose in his dancing style .

His personal appearance was not a "pleasant" sight at all, but now as he was dancing like a "darvesh”, every body in the crowd start enjoying his dancing.

He was dancing in such a way that any person with slight interest in music & dance can understand that this dancing has something extra-ordinary , a unique x-factor ... crowd simply just can not turn their eyes away for anything else.

The Girlfriend "Bubbles" was also enjoying this dance with tapping foot & continuous clapping, this pleasure has enhanced glow on her face to a new level of charm & beauty.

This was the Krishma of his dance, whose dance?  The dance of a shoe-shining boy.

It is now, not more then 5-7 minutes dance, the boy “Sultan” start feeling frustrated now, no body in the whole crowd has any attention on him. His red long car with expensive music system was the main component of the whole show, in which he has no attention. His Girlfriend "Bubbles" also has total attention towards Dance, not towards him.

He hurriedly went inside the car, fired the ignition and suddenly switched off the music, shouted at "Bubbles" ordered her to come inside the car immediately. She returned inside the car totally dismayed & bemused. He raced the car in reverse gear to get out of the whole scene, which now becomes just the ruins of his erstwhile Sultanate.  Which was there, in its peak 5-7 minutes before?

Creakkk.... The sound of his car tyre telling the state of mind the sultan has.

The show over, the new un-crowned sultan, the new Alexander was no other but that shoe-shine boy... Whose forehead was full of sweat by now, cleaned his forehead by his torn sleeve in full style like the warrior who has just won the war. I assume that when Alexander was 12-13 years old, his style was not as of this boy.

The boy starts doing his pending job of shining second shoe.

The shoe owner was waiting for his shoes speechlessly..........

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