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Kapil Jain : Story: "The Connoisseur"

Name of the Story: "The Connoisseur"

This is only a translation of a small story, May be I have listen in my toddler years,  but still comes to my mind when ever I want a example of  real and true appreciator .

A behrupia (Conman or Mock Artist) whose name was Ahmed went to a King's court to demonstrate his ability to portray or mock any character, in any form like any animal, any object, any things...

King order his performance will be held in open arena so that all people of his Kingdom can enjoy Ahmed's Art. 

He Started by mocking like, a soldier, a tiger, a lamp post, a cart, a owl, a monkey etc. etc.
every character or model he portray was amazing.

King, ministers, and public all were showering gifts blessings etc. on him from every corner, every body including the King were really thrilled to see his mesmerizing performance.

Ahmed ended his performance with much practiced item in which he converted himself into a buffalo a really angry full energy buffalo, covering the total available turf with the wild acts, jumping in out around, behaving in a truly charismatic wild way.

All of a sudden buffalo stopped,
Angrily turn to see somebody in the public saw a young man waving his both hands to get Buffalo's attention amongst the hundred of other gathering, as if now this young man gets the proper attention of the buffalo started clapping his hands with joyfully body movement. 

This young man was wearing almost dirty cloths with an old torn embroider zari cap.  

Buffalo immediately turns his back skin towards him &
starts vibrating his back skin to & fro,
After this again started wild actions that of an angry buffalo.

This last performance was the best in the total show & every body included the King just showering all gifts & accolades for him.

He bowed towards King to show his respect & ended his performance. King raised his both hand to bless him.

After this he start collecting his gifts, which were spread on total turf, King incidentally observed that Ahmed Just made a round to see all gifts before picking up anything.
After this He picked an old zari embroiled cap from the spread out gifts then a necklace which was showered by the King.

King feel extremely annoyed by this behavior in which Ahmed gives second status to King's gift that too against a old torn Cap .

King immediately ordered the Guards to arrest Ahmed & produce in King's court for a proper Hearing.

In court hearing, King asks Ahmed, why he gives preference to some other gift over King’s gift as this amounts to an insult to the King.
Ahmed understood the gravity of the situation that if King becomes more annoyed then this would be the last day of his life.
He confesses his action with the request to the King that if King assures him the safety of his life then he would explain truth to the King.

King assured him , Ahmed understood that only truth can save his life now , He said that the old Zari Cap as a gift which he had picked before  King's necklace was worthless as the cap has no money value but priceless as it was gifted by a connoisseur after due checking of the finer aspect of his art ,

The connoisseur  throws a Stone on the buffalo which hit on the back skin , as a general characteristic all buffalo vibrates that part of skin which is irritating, that is why I have also responded in the same way by vibrating my back skin in response to a stone impact .

King Simply amused by the intelligence of The Connoisseur & Ahmed both.
He calls the Connoisseur & made him his one of the minister.


Name of the Story: "The Connoisseur" By Kapil Jain,
Nov 10, 2011   09.15pm 

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