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Kapil's Story : Innocent obesrvation

Kapil Jain : innocent obesrvation  
This was some where ten eleven years ago , when my son Rishabh was around three years old only  .

Our home was on the first & Second floors of the building at Karol Bagh , New Delhi , where we used to live as a joint family with our mother & my elder brother ( Shri Anil Jain's ) family of four.

For Simple understanding in Indian social structure , father's elder brother is called Tauji affectionately .

On ground floor , our retail distribution shop M/s. Roxy Trading Company (RTC) , which is still there.

Till the death of  my elder brother Respected Mr. Anil Jain , who was our head of the family  , Used to handles all the affairs at RTC along with other overall management.

I was handling all activities at two manufacturing units at okhla Industrial area .

Rishabh had the particular habbit to go to ground floor office to ask Rs. 10.00 for a patato chips packet from his Tauji in the evening , then his Tauji send  office salesmen along with him to buy his favorite patato chips . In this ritual some how he used to spend 30-40 minutes with his Tauji daily . This duration was really enjoyable for both of them , Generaly  by the end of this duration coincide with my return from Okhla Factory & closing time of RTC office. After closing we all three used to come home by our internal stairs connecting first floor.

on that very day , shop's material dispatches were more then usual that was why , we all three were there a little longer as I reached as my usual time.

3-4 outsiders were also there in the total scene , First was a  rickshaw puller was asking for some money as he brings some material from supplier . Rickshaw puller was a really poor but hard core labourer with almost torn slippers in his feets. Second was a old holy man with white beared ( Sadhu Babaji ) standing outside the shop shutters , who was bare feet begging door to door wearing yellow cloth , Third & fourth were separate custmers want to see some new items ,   inspite of over of closing time ,  along with three our shops salesmen , everybody wants his demand to be executed first as everybody was sensing that shop  time is over now.

Rishabh was obseving everything very quietly but very curiously ,  Suddenly start drawing his Tauji's attention inspite of all this chaos  , pointing towards worn torn slippers of rickshaw puller & bare feet of Sadhu  ask his Tauji that "Tauji is rickshaw wale bhiya ki chappal to ghis ghis ke tootne wali hai aur yeh babaji  (Sadhu) ki chappal kaha gayi , zaroor  pahle hi kahi toot gayi hogi , abhi to babaji ney chappal nahi pahni hai , iesa  kyo? ( Tauji , this rickshaw puller's slippers is almost worn torn by abrasion , is on breaking point after continous wear n tear and where is  this Holy man's slippers ?  must have broken earlier after complete worn torn , at this moment there is no slippers in Holy man's feet , why & How  ? )

Everybody hear this Sudden observation included Sadhu , Sadhu replied in sermon style  "Sadhu log chappal nahi pehente bete , vo to nange paer hi rahte hai ( The Holy men  do not wear slippers , they are bare footed generally, my son ).

Rishabh ask strangly  " Babaji key paer to ghisti nahi par  , chappal to chalte chalte ghis jati hai , kya paer nahi ghiste ,  iesa kyo?" ( Babaji 's feet does not worn torn ,  Slippers torns ,  but feet never worn torn by abrasion , why  & How ? Asked repeatedly  )

everybody demand becomes secondary , Tauji smile & saw Rishabh affectionately ,

Suddenly We all adults feels the potential about magnificent abilities of a human body or our body , which we had never realised . discovered by a toddler of three year age.

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