Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gulon Mey Rang Bhare,

Gulon Mey Rang Bhare,
Badalo Bahar Chale,
Chale  Bhhi Aao
Key Gulshan Ka Karobar Chale

                 .......  Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Gulon : Gul : Flowers
Rang. : colour
Badal : cloud
Bahar : bloom
Chale bhi aao. :  please Come (  request)
Gulshan : Nature
Karobar : business

Flowers are blooming
with full colour,
Clouds are full of  rain water
To facilitate blooming,
Please come my love
Just to facilitate the business of blooming in  Nature. 

Real Meaning :

the correct essence of these
beautiful couplets is that
What ever beauty  in the divine nature
is only due to your presence,
To keep the continuation of this blooming,
Your Presence is a must

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