Friday, September 6, 2013

Kapil's Unerstading : Sochta hu Agar mey Duaa mangta : Film Bobby Song

Believe me,
The couplet below has literally given me a clear perspective view ,
To decipher between a Tirthankar or a Marble Statue.
Like deciphering between a Murti & Pritama.
This is power of words by a
Word Smith called "Anand Bakshi" in film Bobby "mey shayar to nahi"
Sochta hu
Agar mey Duaa mangta,
Haath aapne uthakar
mey kya mangta,
Jabse tujse
mohabbat mey karne laga,
Tabse jase ibaadat
mey karne laga,
Mey kafiir to nahi
Magar aye haseen,
Jab se dekha maine tujko
Mujko bandagi aa gayi.....
The literally meaning :
I think, If I request God a "blessing",
With raised hands "What blessing would I ask"
The moment, I started admiring ( loving) you,
Its like admiring almighty,
I am not a infidel ( non believer of god)
But "the beautiful" The moment, I looked you,
I start Discovering God in mankind

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