Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aaye Tum Yaad Mujhe,

Aaye Tum Yaad Mujhe,
Gaane Lagi Har Dhadakan,
Khushboo Layee Pawan,
Mehaka Chandan

Jis Pal Naino Mein, 
Sapana Tera Aaye, 
Us Pal Mausam Par, 
Mehandi Rach Jaye, 
Aur Tu Ban Jaye,
Meri Dulhan....... 

Bahut Pehle Se, Un Qadmon Ki Aahat Jaan Letey Hai, Tujhe Ae Zindagi, Hum Duur Se Pehchaan Letey Hain

Bahut Pehle Se,
Un Qadmon Ki Aahat
Jaan Letey Hai,
Tujhe Ae Zindagi,
Hum Duur  Se
Pehchaan Letey Hain.......

Tabiyat Apni
Ghabraati Hai
Jab Sunsaan Raaton Mein,
Hum Aise Mein
Teri Yaadon Ki
Chaadar Taan Lete Hain.....

            ........ Firaq Gorakhpuri


Such a simple words roped for enormous depth
I am totally confused,
how to translate
the difference between
Hindi words, 
Jaan :  know?
Pehchaan :  know?
actually both are miles away,
Also the spine of first couplet
Please suggest me
English translation
(one word please) .


The literally meaning : 
bahut : long
Pahle se : before
Un : your's
Qadmon : walking step
aahat : noise
Jaan : to know?
Letey Hain : we be able to do.
Tujhe :  You
Ae Zindagi :  the life
Hum :  We
Duur :  long distance
Se :  from
Pehchaan : know accurately Letey Hain : we be able to do. 
Long before your arrival,
we guess your
walking step noise,
You being my life,
We know you
from a long distance 
Tabiyat : state of mind
Apni : mine
Ghabraati : perturbed  disturbed
Hai : happen
Jab : when
Sunsaan : lonely
Raaton : nights
Mein : with in
Hum : We
Aise Mein : in this situation
Teri : your
Yaadon ki  : memories as
Chaadar :  sheet of cloth
Taan Lete Hain : straight up 
When I feel perturbed
in the long lonely nights,
In this situation,
I take the refuge of
your old memories.
B : The feeling or correct meaning
My love,
You are my life,
Without you,
I am  like a lifeless creature,
Merely by thinking about you,
I become a fully awaked
and a happy person
That is why,  I always gauge  your presence (not physical) from a very long distance. 
When i do not feel good
in long lonely nights
without you,  my love
I take the refuge in your lovely memories........
I salute you,  Firaq Sahib 

Meri neendo mey tum

Meri neendo mey tum
Mere khawabo mey tum
Ho chuke hum
Tumhari mohabbat mey gum.... 
Man ki veena ki dhun
Tu balam aaj suun
Meri nazaro ney
Tujko Liyaa Aaj Chun....... 

Gulon Mey Rang Bhare,

Gulon Mey Rang Bhare,
Badalo Bahar Chale,
Chale  Bhhi Aao
Key Gulshan Ka Karobar Chale

                 .......  Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Gulon : Gul : Flowers
Rang. : colour
Badal : cloud
Bahar : bloom
Chale bhi aao. :  please Come (  request)
Gulshan : Nature
Karobar : business

Flowers are blooming
with full colour,
Clouds are full of  rain water
To facilitate blooming,
Please come my love
Just to facilitate the business of blooming in  Nature. 

Real Meaning :

the correct essence of these
beautiful couplets is that
What ever beauty  in the divine nature
is only due to your presence,
To keep the continuation of this blooming,
Your Presence is a must

Koi mere dil se puche

Koi mere dil se puche
Tere teere neem kash ko
Yeh khalish kaha se hoti
Jo jigar ke paar hota
                      .......  Ghalib

May any body ask my heart regarding
Your  intended arrow with poison dipped tip
This desperation would not be existing
If arrow would have crossed my heart, killing me in result.
(the arrow is a metaphor for your unconditional love for me,  it is in my heart creating a hell of desperation)

Zulfe bhi aapki

Zulfe bhi aapki
Lub bhi aapke
Aada bhi aapki
hamari zindagi bhi aap
Hamara kya hai aur kuch nahi
Sirf aap hi aap

Lamha lamha hum ji lenge

Lamha lamha hum ji lenge
Basti basti gayege
Mere dilbar le gaye
Mere dil ka chaein
Tab jaane kab ayega
Hum intzar karege
Tera qyamat tak
Khuda kare ke qyamat ho
Aur tooo aaye

Friday, September 13, 2013

Koi dost hai na raqeeb hai : Kapil's translation : Singer : Jagjit Singh , Poet : Rana Sahri

Koi dost hai na raqeeb hai :  
Kapil's translation :
True to the spirit of the Poem.

Singer : Jagjit Singh , 
Poet : Rana Sahri

Koi dost hai
na raqeeb hai,
tera sehar kitna ajeeb hai....

Woh jo ishq tha
woh junoon tha,
yeh jo hijre hai
yeh naseeb hai.........

Yahan kiska chehra
padha karoon,
yahan kaun itna kareeb hai....

Main kise kahoon
mere saath chal,
yahan sab ke
sar pe saleeb hai....

Tujhe dekh kar
main hun sochta,
Tu habib hai
ya raqeeb hai........


First Couplet Translation :

Koi dost hai
na raqeeb hai,
tera sehar kitna ajeeb hai....

Koi : Any
dost : friends
hai : Available
na : nor
raqeeb : competitor, rival
hai : Available
tera : your
sehar : city
kitna : so much
ajeeb : outlandish

Real Meaning :

The poet feels like a stranger 
in the city of beloved,  
after a betrayal by beloved that,
Neither any friends,
nor any competitor,
What a outlandish city is this?


Second Couplet :

Woh jo ishq tha
woh junoon tha,
yeh jo hijre hai
yeh naseeb hai.........

Woh : that
jo : what, which
ishq : love
tha : was
woh : that
junoon : obsession
tha : was
yeh : this
jo : what, which
hijre : separation
hai : exist
yeh : this
naseeb : destiny
hai : exist

Real Meaning :

In the Past, 
What ever we felt like love,
It was no love but obsession,
but at present,
This separation  is the destiny.

Third Couplet :

Yahan kiska chehra
padha karoon,
yahan kaun itna kareeb hai....

Yahan : here
kiska : who's
chehra : face
padha : reading
karoon : doing
yahan : here
kaun : who
itna : as much as
kareeb : near by
hai : exist

Real Meaning :

The poet is so lonely, 
Expressing in a way that,
Who's face can be read,
here no body is near by.

Fourth Couplet :

Main kise kahoon
mere saath chal,
yahan sab ke
sar pe saleeb hai....

Main : me
kise : to whom
kahoon : to tell
mere : with me
saath : along
chal : walk
yahan : here
sab : every body
ke : with
sar : head
pe : on
saleeb : (Jesus Christ Cross)
hai : exist

Real Meaning :
To whom,  
I should ask to have a walk with me,
as everybody has a lot of other responsibilities,
( Saleeb : the cross as a metaphor of responsibilities ),
in other words,  
Everyone is so busy with their own schedule 
that hardly any time for someone else.


Fifth Couplet :

Tujhe dekh kar
main hun sochta,
Tu habib hai
ya raqeeb hai........

Tujhe : to you
dekh : see
kar : do
main : myself
sochta : think
Tu : you
habib : friend
hai : exist
ya : or
raqeeb : competitor
hai : exist

Real Meaning :

After seeing you,
I am thinking that 
Whether you're a friend or a competitor ?

The Poet has lost 
faith or confidence from everyone,
He is not able to distinguish 
between friend and foe or competitor. 


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kapil's Story : The True Sultan

Story : The True Sultan

It was 20-25 years ago, one fine evening, as we were in our teens, along with some school friends, went to Nirula's in Connaught Place to enjoy
Ice-cream with soda......

On that evening, a very small but very interesting incident happened,
Which I want to share with you....

As we have start enjoying ice-creams outside the parlour, which is on the corner of a very busy intersection, a lot of boys & girls were also hanging around....

Suddenly a red very beautiful big car, all windows down with very powerful music system playing a very fast western music English song come there....

Inside the car, on driving seat there was a smart boy with his very sweet & charming girlfriend.

His car's woofers speakers were so loud & powerful, that every body in the crowd was feeling the punch of the beat near their heart “Dhuk - Dhuk, Dhuk - Dhuk “.

They both come out from the car with music still on. His total show was to impress his girlfriend, in which he was very successful prima facie.

His girlfriend was really a charming diva with her smile, giggles, style giving continue heart pulse a miss to all other boys present there.
Her hair fall was coming down touching the dimpled cheeks.
A really bubbly personality therefore I assuming a name "Bubbles”,
In her admiration my heart was racing like engine whose accelerator wire struck well pressed.

The boy's body-language was so confident that he was not less then any Alexander in this world, as if he was having everything a “Sultan” can possess. This body-language was right resultant as he was getting continuous envious attention from the crowd.

Suddenly, a shoe-shine boy start dancing on the music, leaving half shine shoe pair with stranded shoe owner standing on a mat waiting for his shoes.

The shoe-shine boy was there to earn his livelihood by shoe-shining. He was not more then 12-13 years with torn cloths, bare footed; I assume his daily income was insufficient to provide him two meals a day.

He was dancing & dancing & dancing like a Olympics sprinter , total flawless , highest energy level , no care for who is watching him , no care what anybody thinks about him , what a masti , his nose was flowing with cold , he even cleaned his nose with his torn shirt sleeve as if , it is one of the pose in his dancing style .

His personal appearance was not a "pleasant" sight at all, but now as he was dancing like a "darvesh”, every body in the crowd start enjoying his dancing.

He was dancing in such a way that any person with slight interest in music & dance can understand that this dancing has something extra-ordinary , a unique x-factor ... crowd simply just can not turn their eyes away for anything else.

The Girlfriend "Bubbles" was also enjoying this dance with tapping foot & continuous clapping, this pleasure has enhanced glow on her face to a new level of charm & beauty.

This was the Krishma of his dance, whose dance?  The dance of a shoe-shining boy.

It is now, not more then 5-7 minutes dance, the boy “Sultan” start feeling frustrated now, no body in the whole crowd has any attention on him. His red long car with expensive music system was the main component of the whole show, in which he has no attention. His Girlfriend "Bubbles" also has total attention towards Dance, not towards him.

He hurriedly went inside the car, fired the ignition and suddenly switched off the music, shouted at "Bubbles" ordered her to come inside the car immediately. She returned inside the car totally dismayed & bemused. He raced the car in reverse gear to get out of the whole scene, which now becomes just the ruins of his erstwhile Sultanate.  Which was there, in its peak 5-7 minutes before?

Creakkk.... The sound of his car tyre telling the state of mind the sultan has.

The show over, the new un-crowned sultan, the new Alexander was no other but that shoe-shine boy... Whose forehead was full of sweat by now, cleaned his forehead by his torn sleeve in full style like the warrior who has just won the war. I assume that when Alexander was 12-13 years old, his style was not as of this boy.

The boy starts doing his pending job of shining second shoe.

The shoe owner was waiting for his shoes speechlessly..........

Kapil Jain : Story: "The Connoisseur"

Name of the Story: "The Connoisseur"

This is only a translation of a small story, May be I have listen in my toddler years,  but still comes to my mind when ever I want a example of  real and true appreciator .

A behrupia (Conman or Mock Artist) whose name was Ahmed went to a King's court to demonstrate his ability to portray or mock any character, in any form like any animal, any object, any things...

King order his performance will be held in open arena so that all people of his Kingdom can enjoy Ahmed's Art. 

He Started by mocking like, a soldier, a tiger, a lamp post, a cart, a owl, a monkey etc. etc.
every character or model he portray was amazing.

King, ministers, and public all were showering gifts blessings etc. on him from every corner, every body including the King were really thrilled to see his mesmerizing performance.

Ahmed ended his performance with much practiced item in which he converted himself into a buffalo a really angry full energy buffalo, covering the total available turf with the wild acts, jumping in out around, behaving in a truly charismatic wild way.

All of a sudden buffalo stopped,
Angrily turn to see somebody in the public saw a young man waving his both hands to get Buffalo's attention amongst the hundred of other gathering, as if now this young man gets the proper attention of the buffalo started clapping his hands with joyfully body movement. 

This young man was wearing almost dirty cloths with an old torn embroider zari cap.  

Buffalo immediately turns his back skin towards him &
starts vibrating his back skin to & fro,
After this again started wild actions that of an angry buffalo.

This last performance was the best in the total show & every body included the King just showering all gifts & accolades for him.

He bowed towards King to show his respect & ended his performance. King raised his both hand to bless him.

After this he start collecting his gifts, which were spread on total turf, King incidentally observed that Ahmed Just made a round to see all gifts before picking up anything.
After this He picked an old zari embroiled cap from the spread out gifts then a necklace which was showered by the King.

King feel extremely annoyed by this behavior in which Ahmed gives second status to King's gift that too against a old torn Cap .

King immediately ordered the Guards to arrest Ahmed & produce in King's court for a proper Hearing.

In court hearing, King asks Ahmed, why he gives preference to some other gift over King’s gift as this amounts to an insult to the King.
Ahmed understood the gravity of the situation that if King becomes more annoyed then this would be the last day of his life.
He confesses his action with the request to the King that if King assures him the safety of his life then he would explain truth to the King.

King assured him , Ahmed understood that only truth can save his life now , He said that the old Zari Cap as a gift which he had picked before  King's necklace was worthless as the cap has no money value but priceless as it was gifted by a connoisseur after due checking of the finer aspect of his art ,

The connoisseur  throws a Stone on the buffalo which hit on the back skin , as a general characteristic all buffalo vibrates that part of skin which is irritating, that is why I have also responded in the same way by vibrating my back skin in response to a stone impact .

King Simply amused by the intelligence of The Connoisseur & Ahmed both.
He calls the Connoisseur & made him his one of the minister.


Name of the Story: "The Connoisseur" By Kapil Jain,
Nov 10, 2011   09.15pm 

Kapil's Story: Yuhi koi mil Gaya tha, Sare-rahha chalte chalte........

Story: Yuhi koi mil Gaya tha, Sare-rahha chalte chalte........

This episode dates back to year 2004, when my elder Sali Sahiba Respected Sangeeta Ji was here in India from USA with her two kids Reena & Rishi for a vacation with her in-laws in Jaipur & with her Mother in Delhi, as her father was in USA on business Trip & her husband Pramod Bhai sahib was also busy in his work in USA.

On the last leg of her vacation tour , she was very eager to show Taj Mahal to her kids in Agra India , She suggested us to make a trip to Agra & around with our total family .

I & my family was quickly moved by the idea as I had seen my photograph in front of Taj Mahal only as a kid & I had no memory of Taj left . Also in last four years we were not out for any vacations as our house in Noida was under-construction. 

my younger Sali Sahiba Priya was quickly made the all arrangements including Hotel booking & a mini van as we were 11 people in total , my family of four  , Sangeeta Ji' family three , Priya's family three , my Mother in law , total eleven .

On last moments Priya got some urgent work that is why they quit from Agra trip. We all were very sad about her family quitting.

We start our journey as per schedule in mini van called TATA traveler in picnic style with all food packets open within 10 minutes of start of the traveling.

My wife Kamini has a habit to take a sizable stock of eatables if logistic supports. She also feels hungry with in minutes of start of traveling even if she had good meals only an hour ago.

In north India specially the standard menu for traveling is puri, dry potato, mango pickles & dal bizzi, when travel by train, in compartments one easily got the fragrance of these food quickly, just after start of journey, these fragrance creates a ripple effect of appetite in other passengers, who suddenly got a feeling of hungry-ness starts looking for their food packets.

As we were in a mini van by road, we could stop any time for road side dhabba, we stopped three four times in total before reaching the Sikandra on the outskirts of Agra.

Sikandra is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Akbar built around 17 centaury A.D. Just outside the main city of Agra is a large complex on a rectangular plot with a very big entrance gate situated in the middle of one side , as one enters  a huge garden with lush green grass on both sides with a straight sight of a tomb situated on opposite side almost touching the opposite side . Scores of Deer & black buck were adding a delight in the scene, but a bit scary reverse hanging bats in thousands were also there on 300-400 years old huge trees spread in total garden. 

Sikandra was a typical of a Mughal architecture based on an Islamic aspect of "Jannat" (in Urdu, Persian, Arabic same meaning) which means "heaven" in English, "Savarg" in Hindi. "Jannat" literary meaning a very beautiful garden. This same map is basic to majority of Mughal tombs in different era made by different Mughal rulers, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh in Kashmir, Humayun Tomb in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra are prominent examples among a dozen more.

After enjoying Sikandra , it was almost dusk & we were exhausted completely reached Agra , with a glimpse of Taj with in route to hotel ,  checked in hotel Taj view , freshen ourselves , eat dinner , Retired in the beds as a lost identity as all energy drained out.

Next day was a big day as we were about to see Taj , excitement was in the air , after all morning bath etc, we had our breakfast , now ready to go to Taj came out of hotel .

Taj was just 10 minutes distance from our hotel, fortunately I saw a Tonga (horse carriage); instead of taking our van, I decided to have fun with Tonga ride upto Taj as kids never had that. We were eight ourselves plus Tonga driver total nine , was a bit tricky to adjust all , however to split group into two Tonga was a fun killing idea . Tonga driver said "no problem" as out of eight, four were kids. he sat on one side arm , ask the family to take seats , I adjusted all leaving one seat at back seat for myself , As I put my foot of platform to adjust myself , complete Tonga tilted towards back leaving all kids  bewildered  about this new adventure , this is due to my weight i.e. 94 kg. , Tonga driver adjust one more person (name withheld as she also holds good weight) to front seat to balance weight properly. I had adjusted properly. Tonga started towards Taj. This tilting experience was a really laughing stock among us. 

Reached Taj in just 15-20 minutes, deposited mobile etc. Due to security reasons , purchased the ticket , moved towards further security , Lady ticket checker ask to purchase a "foreigner" ticket ( 20 times higher price ) for Sangeeta Ji's daughter Reena ,  I told & convince her somehow that Reena is an Indian & entered inside the rectangular complex .

as we saw the first straight glimpse of Taj , To say "wow" is a basic instinct ,  not a English word , as toddler try to express themselves before getting any word meaning knowledge , wa wa wow ma maama  pa  ha ha .....  That is why Taj is called wonder of the world.

The rectangular complex has same layout like Sikandra, but an array of fountain from entrance porch to Tomb structure dividing the garden equally on left & Right. Another Structure on the left corner was a mosque. Garden & fountains were more maintained in comparison to Sikandra, off course after all Taj is a world renowned monument. Both side of the fountain row, there was pathways towards main tomb Structure.

Inside Taj guide puts a torch light on a wall marble , one sees the light on the other side of marble slab showing the almost transparency in a stone , then he make a loud voice towards upper tomb , a strong rebound of voice emerged , one two three , seven rebound of a single sound . Amazing. Two false grave on the ground floor, false as the actual grave of Emperor Shah Jahan & his beloved Mumtaj Mahal is in the basement, where public entry is restricted. 
Holy Quran Ayats ( Holy couplets) are beautifully calligraphies in black stone , then these alphabets of black stone engraved in the white marble creates a ageless , timeless creation all around the inside & outside of the main tomb Structure specially on the front main door of this .

Outside this tomb Structure a big raised platform & four minarets are also there , if you start seeing a top of a  minarets with slight concentration , you feel that minarets is falling on you , from front gate , if one watch up towards both minarets , it look they both will collide with each other , these effect make this Structure a true "monolith".   

On the back side of tomb Structure, river Yamuna is flowing, the cool breeze of a river bed makes the palace really a romantic paradise.

While walking back, halfway, there is a bench; this is a "Must Sit" bench for every Taj Visitor specially couples, to have a photo with Taj in Background in a romantic pose.
Every head of state & First Lady had a couple pose here from Clinton to Mushrraf to Sarkozy to Tony Blair to name a few.

As we all were coming out from complex, I saw a tall African man's security checking was just over by staff, I recognize him immediately as He Was Carl Lewis.

You know Carl Lewis? The legendary athlete from USA has won nine gold in Olympics, eight gold in world championships & eight world records were in his name once.

I rushed towards him , to my utter disbelief ,  forwarded my hand to have a handshake , he handshake properly  , but shaken a bit said no no no no , my tour will spoil , please please , I immediately sensed his problem , apprehending trouble with a mob ganged  , decided  to leave him to enjoy his trip without any disturbance , he was accompanied by two care taker from Uday villas five star hotel , as I spotted him , all the security staff from CISF ( Central Industrial security Force ) asked me about "who is he"? I told them about him ,
then I spotted the lady security officer , who has  questioned about Reena's Foreign Ticket  , I asked her that why she spotted Reena only , she said sir I Have just allowed for family enjoyment sake ,  she judged that Reena is an American as she was talking to other , just by  her accent , I marked her intelligence , As we never think on these lines ,  thanks her about co-operation ..

Located our Tango to go back, Reena asks me "Mausaji Please you sit first on front seat" to avoid another dis-balance of Tonga, we all laugh together.......

Thoroughly enjoyed this trip...

End of Part 1.

Rephrased Title: Yuhi "Lewis" mil Gaya tha, Agra trip maiy.....

Kapil's Story : Pandit Bhim Sain Joshi Concert at Nehru Park.

Story:   Pandit Bhim Sain Joshi Concert at Nehru Park.

this is around 12-15 years back , I saw a newspaper ad from "New Delhi Municipal Corporation" called NDMC arranging a Morning Raga Series of Programme in which  coming Sunday  Programme was  By legendary Pundit Bhim Sain Joshi Ji at Nehru Park , Chankya Puri , New Delhi .

The time of start of the said Programme was 06.00 am. This was too early by any standard to start a Programme that too on Sunday.

That season was around March - April, almost end of winter months. On occasion day i.e. Sunday which was cloudy sky with slightly speedy cool breeze was little punching with surrounding is almost full green.

In Chankya Puri area this time of the year also witness the spread of pollen from different tree, fall of white wool flower called "Samel ki rooi" was adding Majestic touch to the total scene. 

Pundit Bhim Sain Joshi , called Pundit Ji affectionately  , who died  in 2011  was a "Bharat Rattan" recipient ( India's highest civil honour ) was a ultimate singer with utmost grip on rhythm & melody ( Laykari & Sur ) , a doyen of Classical Hindustani singing with a singing career span in almost half a century.

I have heard his cassettes with Raga like Raga Ramkali, Mia Ki Malhar, etc., but never had the chance to listen him live. Though, I had the privilege to listen live other masters like Pundit Kumar Gandharv & Mallikarjun Mansoor Sahib earlier.

I was very exited & eager to listen to him live that is why I had told my wife Kamini to be ready by 05:30 am on Sunday.
We both reached Nehru Park before time, the security was un-precedent, reason later understood, very surprised to see huge crowd creating the lack of car parking space despite of the huge parking space Nehru Park has.

The security staff checked us properly on the way to open air concert space, which was almost in middle of huge park area, almost 10 minutes walking from car park.

As we reached the concert area, I first saw Mr. P.V. Narsima Rao (ex-prime minister of India) & couple of other ministers & other VIP of current & previous governments. Some Ambassadors from other countries were also there. That was the reason of very high security , but good point was general public , like us , was also welcomed without any discrimination , only thing was while sitting arrangements for Ambassadors had a special enclosed that’s all . Total sitting was on mattress on Very good groomed grass. Under a huge pandal open from all sides. 

By 06.00 Morning all preparations were almost over with listeners & Pundit Ji ready.

Suddenly a splash of rain, hotchpotch the total arrangements , first lowered temperatures & increase the wind speed in such a way that the open pandal start behaving like a kite about to be uprooted . The organizers sensed the gravity of situation struggling to keep the pandal intact, but with in 5-10 minutes fortunately wind speed became down to the relief to all.   

Pundit Ji sensed the slightly panic in the scene , ask every body that as Morning is so beautiful , why not to start the "Shringar of Lord Krishna" ( make up sort of Lord Krishna ) and start singing ...

His voice was like a roar of a lion , I do not have the vocabulary to define his voice to be frank & honest , every one just forgot every thing else except the feeling of a magic called "singing of Pundit Ji"

he start Shringar with sandal wood pasted with turmeric on his arms , Red Alta on his Lotus feet  , Sandal Wood Tika on forehead , black kohl in his eyes , then a marigold necklace , rose bracelets , lotus round on his waist .. Etc, etc. All in his singing , can you imagine this ,  every body was just involved in this Shringar in his heart , this kind of involvement created by singing , my god , raga name I just forgot.. This raga took 30 to 35 minutes to complete. Pundit Ji came to a complete halt , for a moment every thing stopped , no clapping nothing as everybody was regaining his or her conciseness , this moment was of 9 - 10 second , Suddenly again Pundit Ji asked a lady sitting in front row in audience , Is any this left out in this Shringar ? this Sudden question left that lady bemused , then a pause to wait for the answer , as no answer , again started singing after said that "more punkh"( peacock feather) still pending in this Mukut (head gear) , this was really fast piece of raga just set the heart race pulse to its limits , after complete Shringar , touched the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna , In Return Krishna lifts the shoulder of the disciple ( Pundit Ji & every listeners involved ) & gives a proper hug as Return gift of unconditional love .    after getting this hug a lot of crowd had tears in their eyes , these tears were not ordinary , this was the outcome of a meeting , touching , hugging of none other then Lord Krishna himself ,, believe me no clapping , scene was solemn & ecstatic .... He told that these lyrics by Surdas Ji.

With a gap of a minute, he gives certain instruction to his musicians pointing out towards side trees where lot of birds were just enjoying music I do not know, but enjoying after rain cool breeze & singing kuhu - kuhu themselves.

Pundit started singing by praying with folded hand in "Namaste" Posture looking towards those birds "Sur ki Mallika, Mera Jiwan Bhi Ulhas Se Bhar De” ( the queen of melody , please fill my life with the joy : as you have it )  .
I think this was “Raga Basant Bahar”, see the dimensions of a doyen called "Pundit Bhim Sain Joshi" praying towards a small bird about its singing techniques, the wording of the prayers were just great like
"Aapka Kuch Nahi Jayega, Mera Jiwan Sawar Jayega"
(You will loose nothing, but my life will set).  This raga also took 30-35 minutes. The beauty of this raga was first a salute to Mother Nature & her abundance; second an eagerness to learn further as master think incomplete-ness in his knowledge & ability.
The total air filled with a continuous clapping.

The combination of almost wet cloths due to earlier splash & cool breeze, had created vibrating teeth effect to almost every one, but no body wants to go half concert.

The third & final raga was a Durga Stuti ( in praise of Goddess Durga ) , as Dushhera & Durga Puja was almost a fortnight away ,
every fine details of goddess Durga was there , her persona , her divine-ness , her blessing , her capabilities to remove evil forces , her nine roop ( nine facets of her life ) , etc . Etc ..........

he ended this concert with a thank to all his listeners....

in stories , we know about  Tansen in Mugul emporor Akbar  , who had the ability to bring rain by singing megh malhar or can lit a Deepak by singing Raga Deepak .

But now I can claim myself the ability the music power to experience a hugging by lord Krishna.

Mere remembrance of that concert gives me Goosebumps today & always. I feel so honored that I have experienced Pundit Bhim Sain Joshi Live.

The End ….

Kapil's Story : Divine Purity

Kapil Story  : Divine Purity

I get married in 1992 , that is why this episode should be some where  around 1993-1994 .

My route from our factory to our home & vice versa was through Birla mandir's road.

Generally on saturdays , while coming back from factory to home , mood is generally relaxed & romantic . 

Diffreant Music Cassette shops , sweets & confactionary shops were used to be stop over spots on saturdays evenings before home reach.

A old lady has a flower selling stall  in front of Birla Mandir since ages . Always loaded with fresh flowers , Motia , Mogra,  Gulab (Rose) , Genda (Merigold) , Chameli (Jesmine) , etc. , etc., to name a few .

On thats very saturday evening there was some Ramayan Katha programme was on inside Birla Temple , hence there was a traffic zam on the road. It took slighly more then usual , that is why my driver rolled down the window pans & switch off the car . 

Suddenly I was faciniated by the strong aroma of the fragrance of fresh flowers from old lady shop.
The effect was so pulling that  I come out from car & told driver to take car forward , if & when traffic zam clear and park the car on nearest available road side space , I will come my self walking in 5-10 minutes. 

I asked flower shop's old lady to pack some Motia Mogra Gajra ( a gajra is some flowers tied in a thread , girls use this as a hair decorative in India ) for my wife .

She start making gajras with needle & threads peering flowers . Mean while I picked some flowers and start smelling by bringing it near my nose , The smell was fantastic .

Suddenly she saw me , smelling the flowers , objected softly but firmly  by moving hand and said in Hindi  "beta aap in phulo ko mat sungho , yeh jhoote ho jayege, yeh to Thakur Ji ko arpit karne kay liye hai, jhoote phule Thakur Ji ko Nahi arpit hote , pap lagta hai , aap ghar me hi inhey sungna , yaha dukan mey ek bhi phule  mix ho gaya to sare phule hi phekne padege" .  (please do not smell the flowers like this , these will become contaminated  , will become 2nd grade & further more , can not offer to the God , if even one contaminated flower mix with other fresh flowers , she has no option except to throw all in dust bin )

I realised my mistake quickly , sided the contaminated flowers away from shop , paid the money , picked my ordered Gajra packet and walked towards my car . Thinking About the Great Divine Purity in Her Shop Keeping.

After this experience , I always had 100% faith on her shop's quality .

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Kapil's Story : Innocent obesrvation

Kapil Jain : innocent obesrvation  
This was some where ten eleven years ago , when my son Rishabh was around three years old only  .

Our home was on the first & Second floors of the building at Karol Bagh , New Delhi , where we used to live as a joint family with our mother & my elder brother ( Shri Anil Jain's ) family of four.

For Simple understanding in Indian social structure , father's elder brother is called Tauji affectionately .

On ground floor , our retail distribution shop M/s. Roxy Trading Company (RTC) , which is still there.

Till the death of  my elder brother Respected Mr. Anil Jain , who was our head of the family  , Used to handles all the affairs at RTC along with other overall management.

I was handling all activities at two manufacturing units at okhla Industrial area .

Rishabh had the particular habbit to go to ground floor office to ask Rs. 10.00 for a patato chips packet from his Tauji in the evening , then his Tauji send  office salesmen along with him to buy his favorite patato chips . In this ritual some how he used to spend 30-40 minutes with his Tauji daily . This duration was really enjoyable for both of them , Generaly  by the end of this duration coincide with my return from Okhla Factory & closing time of RTC office. After closing we all three used to come home by our internal stairs connecting first floor.

on that very day , shop's material dispatches were more then usual that was why , we all three were there a little longer as I reached as my usual time.

3-4 outsiders were also there in the total scene , First was a  rickshaw puller was asking for some money as he brings some material from supplier . Rickshaw puller was a really poor but hard core labourer with almost torn slippers in his feets. Second was a old holy man with white beared ( Sadhu Babaji ) standing outside the shop shutters , who was bare feet begging door to door wearing yellow cloth , Third & fourth were separate custmers want to see some new items ,   inspite of over of closing time ,  along with three our shops salesmen , everybody wants his demand to be executed first as everybody was sensing that shop  time is over now.

Rishabh was obseving everything very quietly but very curiously ,  Suddenly start drawing his Tauji's attention inspite of all this chaos  , pointing towards worn torn slippers of rickshaw puller & bare feet of Sadhu  ask his Tauji that "Tauji is rickshaw wale bhiya ki chappal to ghis ghis ke tootne wali hai aur yeh babaji  (Sadhu) ki chappal kaha gayi , zaroor  pahle hi kahi toot gayi hogi , abhi to babaji ney chappal nahi pahni hai , iesa  kyo? ( Tauji , this rickshaw puller's slippers is almost worn torn by abrasion , is on breaking point after continous wear n tear and where is  this Holy man's slippers ?  must have broken earlier after complete worn torn , at this moment there is no slippers in Holy man's feet , why & How  ? )

Everybody hear this Sudden observation included Sadhu , Sadhu replied in sermon style  "Sadhu log chappal nahi pehente bete , vo to nange paer hi rahte hai ( The Holy men  do not wear slippers , they are bare footed generally, my son ).

Rishabh ask strangly  " Babaji key paer to ghisti nahi par  , chappal to chalte chalte ghis jati hai , kya paer nahi ghiste ,  iesa kyo?" ( Babaji 's feet does not worn torn ,  Slippers torns ,  but feet never worn torn by abrasion , why  & How ? Asked repeatedly  )

everybody demand becomes secondary , Tauji smile & saw Rishabh affectionately ,

Suddenly We all adults feels the potential about magnificent abilities of a human body or our body , which we had never realised . discovered by a toddler of three year age.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kapil's Unerstading : Sochta hu Agar mey Duaa mangta : Film Bobby Song

Believe me,
The couplet below has literally given me a clear perspective view ,
To decipher between a Tirthankar or a Marble Statue.
Like deciphering between a Murti & Pritama.
This is power of words by a
Word Smith called "Anand Bakshi" in film Bobby "mey shayar to nahi"
Sochta hu
Agar mey Duaa mangta,
Haath aapne uthakar
mey kya mangta,
Jabse tujse
mohabbat mey karne laga,
Tabse jase ibaadat
mey karne laga,
Mey kafiir to nahi
Magar aye haseen,
Jab se dekha maine tujko
Mujko bandagi aa gayi.....
The literally meaning :
I think, If I request God a "blessing",
With raised hands "What blessing would I ask"
The moment, I started admiring ( loving) you,
Its like admiring almighty,
I am not a infidel ( non believer of god)
But "the beautiful" The moment, I looked you,
I start Discovering God in mankind

Kisi Manzar ko koi

Kisi Manzar ko koi
Aankh bhar kar maang leta hai
Magar ye bhi hai
Kuchh Aankhon ko Manzar maang leta hai
.... Waseem Barelvi
Manzar : Aspect, Countenance, Landscape, Outlook, Sight, Scene, View, Visage
Some Scene are so beautiful that We want to remember them for life ( to hold them in eyes for life ).
Some Eyes are so beautiful that Scene want to hold them to complete themselves.

Chirag e Raah ki kismat pe raham aata hai

चिराग़ ऐ राह की क़िस्मत पे रहम आता है
हवा के ज़ोर से लड़ना भी , और जलना भी
                            .....प्रॉ वसीम बरेलवी 

Chirag e Raah ki kismat pe
raham aata hai

Hawa ke Zor se ladna bhi
Aur Jalna bhi
               ..... Wasim Baralavi

Chirag e Raah : Lamp Post

kismat : destiny

raham : pity

Hawa : Wind

Zor : pressure

Ladna : fight

Aur : and

Jalna : burning

Pity on the destiny of road side
lamp post,
Always to tackle and fight
the wind pressure as well as
to burn itself.....

Motto : one need to perform the duty along with tackling other difficulties

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kabhi to khul ke baras

Kapil's  translation : Kabhi to khul ke baras
A Very good  Ghazal Sung by
Chitra Singh Ji
Great Great Lyrics by
Shri Prem Warbartoni Ji.
Kapil's translation is true to the spirit of this ghazal,  slightly Sensuous ( Adult ) content. 
All relevant links below..
Kabhi to khul ke baras
"Abre-e-meharban" ki tarah
Meraa Wazuud hai
Jalte hue makaan ki tarah......
Kabhii to soch
Ke Woh shaks,
kis kadar tha buland
Jo Bichh gaya tere kadmo mey
Aasmaa ki tarah........
Main ik  Khwaab sahi
Aap ki amanat hu
Mujhe Sambhal ke rakhiyega
Jism-o-jaan ki tarah........
Bulaa rahaa hai mujhe
Phir kisi badan ka basant
Guzar na jaaye ye rut bhi
kahin Khizaa ki tarah.....
First couplet :
Kabhi to khul ke baras
"Abre-e-meharban" ki tarah
Meraa Wazuud hai
Jalte hue makaan ki tarah......
Real Meaning :
My state is like a burning house,
I am Hot, 
( Meraa Wazuud hai
Jalte hue makaan ki tarah )
please full fill my desire
like a passionate lover
( Abr-e-Meharbaan ),
I am desperate,
please please come to quench my thirst, 
rain profusely (Kabhi to khul ke baras),
Make love,
Do love, 
Think love...
Abr : Cloud
Meherbaan : Kind
Wajood: Existence, Entity
Makaan :  House
Second Couplet :
Kabhii to soch
Ke Woh shaks,
kis kadar tha buland
Jo Bichh gaya tere kadmo mey
Aasmaa ki tarah........
Real Meaning :
Think any time, 
how magnificent that person is,
who has surrendered in your feet, 
like a blue sky. 
Just to satisfy you with love,
  To quench your burning desire,  thirst .
Shaks: A Person
Kadar : Merit, Quantity
Buland : Magnificent,  Grand
Bichh Gaya : To be spread,
To humble oneself
Kadmo :  Feet
Third Couplet :
Main ik  Khwaab sahi
Aap ki amanat hu
Mujhe Sambhal ke rakhiyega
Jism-o-jaan ki tarah........
Real Meaning :
May be I only a dream,
But I am only your's (Amanat),
Take care of me like body and soul
My body and my soul,  is just for you,
my magnificent lover. Waiting to surrender,
only to You
only to You
only to You
Khwaab :  Dream
Amaanat : Something Given In Trust
Jism-o-Jaan: Body and soul
Fourth Couplet :
Bulaa rahaa hai mujhe
Phir kisi badan ka basant
Guzar na jaaye ye rut bhi
kahin Khizaa ki tarah.....
Real Meaning :
Calling me again by
the magnificent body of my  lover
( badan ka basant)
( like a fully blossom flower in spring) 
(  body after attaing full adulthood ) 
Do not spoil the season like a Fall ( Autumn)
When no love making scene,
When no body enjoys any beauty, 
When lover do not perform Love...
Basant : Spring
Khizaan : when all leaf fall from trees become barren.

Kapil's Understanding : Rehat : Traditional Water Irrigation : Relation with Life

Kapil's Understanding :  Rehat :

Traditional Water Irrigation : Relation with Life 

This is the very short story, 
Which my mother used to quote for the handling of difficulties of Life.

There was a Royal Prince,  some where is Ancient Indian Princely State. 
One day,  he went for a hunting expedition riding on a horse,
along with his fellow Royals along with the Group of servants etc.

The Jungle was extremely thick with greenery in abundance.
He was chasing a deer very vigorously.
The deer was on its own turf ,
was so quick in its maneuvers that even after a great chase,
The Prince was unable to catch deer.

Deer was small in size,  ducks between the bushes ,
Where Prince and his horse were unable to get in.
Prince knew that all his Royal buddies and servants would laugh at him,
If he was ditched by this quick deer.
He do not want to give this chance to anyone.
Hence the chase between them becomes so long that
The Prince lost all his fellows, it literally stretched to several hours.

Up till now,  He and his horse become extremely tired, hungry, thirsty and exhausted,
by this time they were on the other edge of the jungle and on the verge of a small village.

He saw there was a old man doing farming
and one water well on which bulls were moving a "Rehat" wheel
through which water was coming up from the well for the irritation in the farm .

The old man immediately recognised the Prince,  due to his attire and mannerism.
The Prince was so thirty that he immediately asked the old man for water to drink.
The old man greeted the Prince,  and  said that as no utensil is there and his house was also on no so long distance,  hence better to go to his home and take meal and rest.
Again Prince said that he can not wait a second for water.  Then old man said ok then come down from the horse,  make a cup shape by joining both palms and drink water directly from Rehat.
Prince was after all a Prince,  never had any training to drink with bare hands.
Rehat was such a machine in which a peculiar sound Cutt Cutt Cutt Cutt  comes from chain of buckets,  very annoying sometimes.
Now Prince had no other option to quench his thirst as suggested by old man.
But as he come down to drink,  noise and vibrations of Rehat was so disturbing that he could not able to drink the water.
He asked old man to stop bulls rotating Rehat ,  so that noise stop and he would able to  drink.
The old man said "Oh the Prince"  if I stop the bulls,  Rehat Stop,  Noise Stop but Water also Stops.
The Prince was wise enough,
He quenched the thirst,  even with the annoying noise Cutt Cutt Cutt Cutt.
Moral : One need to compromise with certain things,  beyond your control, 
This is called life.

My Experience with Truth 2 : Iron Hand.

My Experience with Truth 2 : Iron Hand.

One proverb in Hindi said that if one lie you state thousands time then it becomes true...

The contrast is that if you come across a incident which becomes disbelieving even to the most important persons of your life than that incident become one  accident of your life.

Accident in the sense that a new undesirable dimension added in the said relationship. Furthermore this churching of thoughts gives you,  the good and bad aspects of this experience.

Good aspect : at once, it was not  realised that some thing extra special has happened with you,  but when people  disbelief you,  not one not two but scores of,  and you know that Truth is on your side then, You feel extra ordinary by this blessings of god that you get such chance of once in a lifetime achievement which only a few in the world has ever been able to achieve.

Bad Aspect : here comes the complex character of human nature,  you even think that these people never get this chance,  forget this chance,  not even ten percent of this kind of opportunity,  that is why? they are at no fault to think about me as a hypocrite.

Suddenly you come to realize that this is totally wrong thinking for the people,  who loves you the most.

Truth Prevailing is that you have no creditability of your own,  why you are blaming other.

Enjoy your this bloody blessing of god yourself only in a silent four boundary with one roof with a door and window.

Truth what Truth?

On Jan 26,  1995  Nelson Mandela then President of South Africa was the chief guest in Indian Republic Day Parade.  Me and my wife had the invitation from President of India to have "At Home"  tea at Rashpati Bhawan Mughal Gardens on the Republic Day evening.

This "At home" tea invite  arranged by my late Father in Law Shri Mahavir Barjatya was fifth since July 8,  1992 my marriage date alternatively to Aug 15 then Jan 26 vis-a-vis. Total seven invites,  we have enjoyed.

By all this a hand shake with President(s)  ,  Prime Minister (s),  minister,  who is who of India power circle.

In today's context Dr.  Man Mohan Singh hand Shake is a ego booster,  which I have.

In personal satisfaction to have a hand shake with Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw.

But Jan 26,  1995 was so special that one hour tea party was highly noisy as compared to the other President House Parties because only one rope was saprating the Mahatma of our times with us,  all invitees were dignitaries,  but every one has a oscillating heart inside,  want to have a touch of this Masiha called Mandela.

Mandela was also the people heart emporor first president later was touching peoples with both raised hand across the rope while walking. His seven feet bodyguards were on their toes.

He complete grip my all four front finger by his hand ,  what was that touch? A iron touch,  no human touch,  a clamping  tool gently grips my fingers.  He was just 24 inch away from us,  only a bodyguard hand on his chest to put him on bay,  not to us.

Moved to next person,  all happened in 7, 8,  9,  10 sec or so,  today after 18 years,  when Nelson Mandela is again a prisoner of Life Support False Machines.

That less then 10 seconds give me a raised heart beat.

I am a fortunate person.
God has blessed me.

May God also bless them, who disbelief me. 
But where is Nelson Mandela.

I will tell you this story 1000 more time,  till my this lie becomes truth for you for my sake. 

Celebrate Nelson Mandela Death,  As this life span has given so much to the world.

In Jain philosophy, A Death after complete life should be celebrated.

Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela.

Koi din gar Zindagani aur hai

Kapil Jain's Translation of Mirza Ghalib's :Koi din gar Zindagani aur hai

Koi din gar
Zindagani aur hai,
 Apne ji mein
hamne thani aur hai....

Barha dekhin hain
un ki ranjishey ,
par kuch ab key
sargirani aur hai......

Deke khat munh
dekhta hai namabar
 kuch to paigam-e-zabani
aur hai.......

Ho chukin "Ghalib"
balayen sab tamam,
 ek marg-e-nagahani
aur hai......

Atish-e-dozakh mein
ye garmi kahan,
aur hai................


Translation by Kapil
true to the spirit of the Poem

First Couplet :

Koi din gar
Zindagani aur hai,
Apne ji mein
hamne thani aur hai....

Koi : Any

din : Day

gar : if

Zindagani : life

aur hai : available

Apne : my

ji : heart

mein : inside

hamne: myself

thani : conviction

aur hai : another

Literary meaning :

If I have another day
in my life,
Then I have some other
conviction for that day...

Real meaning :

Even after completing  lots of work, wishes,  desires in their life.
Everyone has a number of unfulfilled,  unfinished or pending wishes, 
they want to extract time to finish them. Which they never able to?


Second Couplet :

Barha dekhin hain
un ki ranjishey ,
par kuch ab key
sargirani aur hai......

Barha : generally

Dekhin : seen

Barha Dekhin hain : generally seen

un ki : their

ranjishey : anguish ; misunderstanding

par kuch ab key : but this time

sargirani : arrogance ; proud

aur hai : differently appeared.

Literary meaning :

We have seen their anguish or misunderstanding a number of times,
But this time
their arrogance is  different .

Real meaning :

Some times,
Lovers fight each other due to one pretext or other, 
after couple of hours every things become normal again.
But this time ,
beloved annoying are of different type, not normal after a long time.


Here the reference is Time,
That each time the mood becomes all right after sometime, 
but this time "sargirani"  mood is not normal even after a long time.


Third Couplet :

Deke khat munh
dekhta hai namabar
kuch to paigam-e-zabani
aur hai....

Deke : after delivery

khat : letter

munh : face

munh dekhta hai : face reading

namabar : messanger

kuch : some,  any

paigam : Message, News, Advice

Zabaani  : orally

paigam-e-zabani aur hai : oral messages / instructions are different from writings  inside.

Literary meaning :

After delivering the latter,
messenger observe the face for
any oral massage for the

Real meaning :

In earlier time
(before a proper postal service)
when message were exchanged, generally  by letter carrier by hand.
Then this messengers were extremely confidential person for sender and receivers both,
also conveys the news of "mood" like body language, joy, sorrow etc etc,  the things can not conveyable by writings.
Fourth Couplet :
Ho chukin "Ghalib"
balayen sab tamam,
ek marg-e-nagahani
aur hai......
Ho chukin : All Executed
"Ghalib" : The Poet Mirja Ghalib
balayen :  Troubles, Calamities
sab tamam : All ended
ek : one
marg  : death
naagahani : untimely, Suddenly, Accidentally
aur hai : pending
Literary meaning :
All the destruction process  for evil forces  exhausted, Adversities all have taken their toll on me,
Only one sudden death is pending. Or Ghalib Only untimely death remains
Real meaning :
The Poet Mirja Ghalib is talking with himself stating that Ghalib all evil removing ritual are exausted (to send back death forces) . 
Only a untimely sudden death is pending.
In India a ritual exist in which Ladies touch both palm on effected person forehead,  ( To collect immeginary evil forces sticked with forehead) and pretending thoroughing  them away from person effected )
Fifth Couplet :
Atish-e-dozakh mein
ye garmi kahan,
aur hai................
Atish : fire,  ember
dozakh : Hell
Atish-e-dozakh : fire of hell
mein : inside
ye : this
garmi : heat
Ye garmi kahan : this kind of heat
soz : Burning, Heat, Passion
gam : Grief, Sorrow
nihaan: Hidden, Buried
-e- : (grammar to connect two different words / things)
Soz-e-gam-e-nihani :
heat of inner sorrow :
internal jealousy
Literary meaning :
The fire of hell has no heat
in comparison to internal heat of zealously
Real meaning :
This is the Master Stroke of Mirja Ghalib
In which he has termed a heart filled with jealousy worst then a Hell